Fun fact: turns out that wishing I blogged regularly isn’t enough to make me blog regularly.

Instead, I’ve been instagramming - which I once told myself I would never do.

Here’s the deal with my instagram account. I decided that if I was going to join then I needed to do more than just post pretty pictures; I would share the ups and the downs of graphic recording, and I’d give insight into my learning process.

I recently did a graphic recording for ChangeLab Solutions’ Building Healthy, Equitable Communities Convening in Oakland, CA. I was asked to say a few words about graphic recording — what to expect, and why it’s important — before the session began. I’m sharing this excerpt because it explains what graphic recording is, and it also describes my vision of graphic recording as a contribution to society.

I’ve always been interested in people. When I was younger, this meant I watched them from afar because I was too shy to get closer. Over the last decade, it’s meant a career in social and racial justice. And in the last few years, I’ve started asking: How do we talk to each other about the things that matter -- which are almost always the things that scare us -- and where does that fear come from?