Rio has always wanted to know what makes people tick, and she uses facilitation, graphic recording, and hard conversations to find out. She has a strong grounding in social justice and public health, and is currently a Culture of Health Leader with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Rio has designed, planned, and facilitated group processes in a thoughtful and effective manner across the country. Highlights include designing and delivering trainings for state and local government agencies in California, Nebraska, Arizona, and Oklahoma, and facilitating local cross-sector convenings on healthy food retail.

Rio’s graphic recording practice involves listening, synthesizing, and documenting conversations live and large-scale using images and words. She centers social justice and racial equity in her practice, and is constantly asking how graphic practitioners can normalize oppressed stories and stop using visuals that perpetuate stereotypes.


Fun facts

  • Favorite ice breaker question: How do mermaids reproduce? Discuss.

  • Second favorite icebreaker question: What are you afraid of? Yes, I've asked this at a networking event. And yes, I've watched everyone slowly back away towards the bar.

  • Most random job I've ever had: Buyer and seller of genetically modified mice. I called myself the Mouse Wrangler.

  • Meyers Briggs type: They say I’m an INFJ. I want to dig into all your emotional nooks and crannies one-on-one, and then I want to take a nap and spend a day by myself. Also I organize my grocery list by aisle category because obviously.

  • Best compliment received: Someone called me the Beyonce of advice giving once!

  • What I'm afraid of: Not being seen.

Serious Facts

  • A Culture of Health Leader. Culture of Health Leaders is a national leadership program supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to support leaders—from all sectors that have an influence on people’s health—to create collaborative solutions that address health inequities and move their communities and organizations toward a Culture of Health.

  • Last two jobs before jumping into freelance life: Director of HOPE Collaborative, a nonprofit advancing racial, social, and economic justice. Senior Policy Analyst at ChangeLab Solutions, a public health policy organization working with state and local governments on public health and urban planning policy.

  • Fulbright Scholar. Researched economic migration in South Africa.

  • Graduated from: Wesleyan University with a BA in East Asian Studies, University of the Witwatersrand with an MA in Forced Migration, University of Pennsylvania with a Masters in Public Health.



  • Check out instagram for almost-daily posts on practice sessions, reflections, and new gigs.

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